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bonjour ,
je veux savoir comment bloqué un visiteur automatiquement en PHP c'est il visite une page interdie sur mon site par exemple :

dés que le visiteur visite cette page sont IP et ajouté dans .htaccess et automatiquement redireger vers la page d'acceuil ( et si vous pouvez marqué sont IP dans un fichier text)

et merci Smiley smile
voici jai trouvé un code

// Get the IP address of the visitor so we can work with it later.
// This is where we pull the file and location of the htaccess file. If it's in
// the same directory as this php file, just leave it as is.
$htaccess = '.htaccess';
// This pulls the current contents of your htaccess file so we can search it later.
$contents = file_get_contents($htaccess, TRUE) 
          OR exit('Unable to open .htaccess');
// Lets search the htaccess file to see if there is already a ban in place.
$exists = !stripos($contents, 'deny from ' . $ip . "\n") 
          OR exit('Already banned, nothing to do here.');
// Here we just pull some details we can use later.
$date   = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$uri    = htmlspecialchars($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], ENT_QUOTES);
$agent  = htmlspecialchars($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], ENT_QUOTES);
$agent  = str_replace(array("\n", "\r"), '', $agent);
// If you would like to be emailed everytime a ban happens, put your email
// INSIDE the quotes below. (e.g. 'my@email.com')
$email = '';
// This is where we can whitelist IP's so they can never be banned. Simply remove 
// the //  from the front of one of the example IP addresses below and add the 
// address you wish to whitelist. Make sure that you leave the single quotes (') 
// intact and the comma at the end. Adding a person to the whitelist AFTER they 
// have been banned will NOT remove them. You must open the htaccess file and 
// locate their ban by hand and remove it.
$whitelist = array(
  // '',
  // '',
  // '',
// This section prevents people from being sent to this script by mistake
// via a link, image, or other referer source. If you don't want to check
// the referer, you can remove the following line. Make sure you also
// remove the ending } at the very end of this script.
if (empty($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) {
// This section will write the IP address to the htaccess file and in turn
// ban the address. It will however check the whitelist above to see if
// should be banned.
  if (in_array($ip, $whitelist)) {
    // User is in whitelist, print a message and end script.
    echo "Hello user! Because your IP address ({$ip}) is in our whitelist,
    you were not banned for attempting to visit this page. End of line.";
  } else {
    // User is NOT in whitelist - we need to ban em...
    $ban =  "\n# The IP below was banned on $date for trying to access {$uri}\n";
    $ban .= "# Agent: {$agent}\n";
    $ban .= "Deny from {$ip}\n";
    file_put_contents($htaccess, $ban, FILE_APPEND) 
		  OR exit('Cannot append rule to .htaccess');
    // Send email if address is specified
    if (!empty($email)) {
      $message = "IP Address: {$ip}\n";
      $message .= "Date/Time: {$date}\n";
      $message .= "User Agent: {$agent}\n";
      $message .= "URL: {$uri}";
      mail($email, 'Website Auto Ban: ' . $ip, $message);
    // Send 403 header to browser and print HTML page
    header('HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden', TRUE);
    echo '<html><head><title>Error 403 - Banned</title></head><body>
    <center><h1>Error 403 - Forbidden</h1>Hello user, you have been 
    banned from accessing our site. If you feel this ban was a mistake, 
    please contact the website administrator to have it removed.<br />
    <em>IP Address: '.$ip.'</em></center></body></html>';

ca fonctione avec fichier .htaccess
<FilesMatch 403.shtml>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow From All
############### START BANS ###############

jaimerais bien savoir comment le faire fonctionné sans tapez entrer sur le navigateur par exemple ce code php en va lappeler block.php et jai une page conf.php
la page conf.php contient se code :


la page conf.php redirege vers block.php mais la page block.php ne block pas automatiquement il faut tapez ENTRER dans le navigateur jaimerais bien la faire sont faire ENTRER dés que c rediregé ca block Smiley smile